Lemtrans has summed up the company's preliminary results in 2017


The total volume of cargo deliveries of Lemtrans" in 2017 made 51 million 900 thousand tons of different goods.

In particular, the volume of transportation of iron ore raw materials amounted to 19.30 million tons, and coal - 19.35 million tons. The volumes of ferrous metal transportation in 2017 amounted to 6.12 million tons, fluxes - 3.46 million tons, coke - 2.95 million tons.

Among the factors providing the most significant impact on the volumes of transportation in 2017, the company allocates infrastructure constraints, problems with traction rolling stock, as well as long idle wagons in the initial and final loading operations.

As a part of the strategic goals, in 2017, the company continued its rolling stock renewal program. The aggregate annual volume of investments amounted to about 540 million UAH.

The General Manager of Lemtrans, Vladimir Mezentsev says: "One of the key events of 2017 was the cessation of the railway communication with temporarily uncontrolled territories and, as a result, the blocked rolling stock. This , of course, influenced the market as a whole, but the most significant impact on the outcome of the year was the lack of locomotives. For this reason, we were not able to fully comply with the demands of our shippers. However, continuous improvement of the quality of services, optimization of internal logistics and reduction of transport costs remain the main priorities of our company. "As a whole, according to the results of 2017, Lemtrans retained leading positions in the list of the leaders, both in terms of the number of car fleet and in terms of volume of transportation among private operators.

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