Lemtrans summed up the preliminary results of the company’s work in 2023


The Company has maintained its position in the Ukrainian gondola rail car market and continues to invest in the country’s economy.
At the end of the year, the total volume of freight transported was approximately 17 million tonnes of various types of cargo. Therewith, the bulk of the cargo transported was coal. In particular, the volume of coal transported reached 13.5 million tonnes. It is the delivery of coal from mining sites to power plants that plays a key role in ensuring a reliable heating season in the country. The second most important type of cargo for the Company is construction materials. The transportation volume is 2.9 million tonnes. In addition, the volume of iron ore reached 0.4 million tonnes and 0.2 million tonnes of other types of cargo.
“Yes, the business still depends on the potential threat of destruction of the frontline industry, logistical bottlenecks such as ports and overloading at the EU border,” says Volodymyr Mezentsev, Lemtrans CEO. “But despite the war, we are not stopping and are betting on Ukraine’s development. Our investment activity was an important area over the past year. We are investing in new infrastructure projects, such as the terminal and container business.”

In 2023, Lemtrans Group invested more than UAH 160 million in infrastructure and logistics projects in the country, including more than UAH 153 million in the terminal and container business. The Group continued to develop the container terminal in Mostyska and decided to start design work on two more new container terminals to be located in Ukraine. The Company also implemented an investment programme aimed at further improving the efficiency and productivity of its car repair facilities.

In 12 months of 2023, the volume of scheduled and routine repairs of freight cars at Lemtrans’ rail car repair site amounted to 5,220 units. The rail car repair depot continued to operate in 2023, which helped maintain traffic safety.

Lemtrans Group continues to contribute to the Ukrainian budget. In 12 months of 2023, the Company transferred approximately UAH 929 million to the budgets of all levels. In particular, UAH 840 million was transferred to the state budget. Local budgets received more than UAH 88 million, with a single social contribution of approximately UAH 64 million.


Since the full-scale invasion, the Company has allocated more than UAH 41 million to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine, territorial defence, humanitarian aid and other charitable projects. Lemtrans provided the military with vehicles, quadcopters, Starlink terminals, bulletproof vests, small stoves, etc. Our support also included transferring funds to a special account of the National Bank of Ukraine, paying logistics tariffs for the transport of humanitarian cargo and aid to civilians, and delivering food to some regions of the country.

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