Lemtrans provided over UAH 3 million in equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine


Lemtrans continues to operate during the war and ensures Ukrainian cargo rail transport. Despite direct military losses, the difficult situation in the transport market, and the fact that part of the company's rolling stock is still blocked due to the occupation of certain Ukrainian territory, Lemtrans remains resilient.

As part of the Rinat Akhmetov's Steel Front military initiative, the company continues to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Recently, Lemtrans purchased and delivered equipment for Ukrainian defenders: 8 DJI Matrice quadcopters and 8 Starlink terminals. The amount of aid is approximately UAH 3.3 million.
This brings the company's total budget for support of the Armed Forces and humanitarian aid to the public up to UAH 38 million.

"We support the state as we believe that effective cooperation between the government and business is the key to the nation's security. Now all our efforts are aimed to ensure the company's stable operation, as it means jobs for Ukrainians, extremely important tax deductions to the Ukrainian budget, and above all, support for our defenders," explains Volodymyr Mezentsev, Lemtrans CEO.
Ukrainian business has become a reliable support for the defenders in these times. More than 70 Lemtrans employees defend Ukraine in the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


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