Lemtrans transported 56.3 million tonnes of freight in 2014


In 2014, Lemtrans shipped 56.310 million tonnes of various goods, which is 16% more than in 2013. 

A substantial growth in freight shipments in early 2014 (63.5% in H1) helped to neutralise the decline shown in H2. Thus, Lemtrans reduced shipments by 24% in September-December 2014 year-on-year, with Donetsk railway seeing a major drop. The company decreased its shipment volumes by 52% from the same period last year due to the military operations taking place in the area in September-December.

A significant expansion of the rolling stock has been an important factor that helped to increase shipments. In 2014, Lemtrans bought 1,378 new open cars (645 cars in 2013).

Coal has traditionally been the main freight transported by the company. While many mines and coal companies had to shut down or reduce production output significantly in H2 2014, Lemtrans decreased coal shipments by 9.6% to 30.535 million tonnes. In September-December, the decline was 44%. Overall in 2014, the company shipped 12.074 million tonnes of iron ore, 4.989 million tonnes of flux, 4.971 million tonnes of ferrous metals and 2.713 million tonnes of coke.


Lemtrans is Ukraine’s biggest private freight forwarding company that offers the full gamut of rail freight transport services. The areas of main focus include freight forwarding services in inland and outland transportation market and rolling stock repairs.

Lemtrans is wholly owned by SCM Group.