Lemtrans reviews 2013 performance
According to preliminary performance results in 2013, Lemtrans maintained strong positions in the Ukrainian rail freight market and showed good operating results.
Volume of Lemtrans carriages increased by 30.7%
In January-September 2012, Lemtrans forwarding company increased volume of carried cargoes on y-o-y basis by 30.67% up to 37.75 million tons.
Lemtrans Company became a member of SCM Group
SCM Group, the leading financial and industrial group in Ukraine, has increased its stake in Lemtrans authorized capital up to 100%.
Dneprodzerzhinsk wagon depot of Lemtrans Company celebrates its 5-th anniversary
Dneprodzerzhinsk car depot of Lemtrans LLC celebrates the 5-th anniversary since its foundation. The company provides services on depot repairs of freight cars (gondolas, hot pellet wagon), wheelset examination, repairs of wheelset and component parts.
Lemtrans increases volumes of cargo freight
In January-June 2012, the volume of cargos carried by the largest Ukrainian private forwarding company Lemtrans grew by 39.9% on y-o-y basis and amounted to 24.9 million tons.
Lemtrans acquired 1185 gondola cars since the beginning of 2012
Lemtrans LLC, within its comprehensive program on the rolling stock upgrading, has acquired in 1185 gondola cars since the beginning of 2012.
Lemtrans repaired about 2000 gondola cars since the beginning of 2012
In January-May 2012, Lemtrans Company, within a comprehensive program on rolling stock rehabilitation, repaired 1911 gondola cars. 1590 cars had depot based repairs, 321 cars had capital repairs.
In Q1 2012, the volume of Lemtrans LLC carriages increased by 43.5%
In the first quarter of 2012, Lemtrans increased its total loading volume to 11.4 million tons, which is 43.5% higher on y-o-y basis.
Lemtrans rail traffic increased by 30.7% in 2011
In 2011, the volume of cargo carriages by Lemtrans LLC, the largest Ukrainian private forwarding company, increased by 30.74% to a total of 40.4 million tons.