Lemtrans transports 60.2 million tonnes of cargo over a year


Coal and iron ore account for the biggest share of shipped cargo. In particular, the company transported 24.72 million tonnes of coal and 19.94 million tonnes of iron ore.

The biggest growth was seen in the transportation of coke: a 46.8% increase to 2.99 million tonnes. Lemtrans shipped 7.89 million tonnes of ferrous metals (a 22.8% growth vs 6.42 million tonnes in 2015) and 3.76 million tonnes of fluxes (a 7.2% increase vs 3.5 million tonnes in 2015). The company continues to improve the transportation logistics and the quality of services and expand the railway car fleet. 

Lemtrans CEO Vladimir Mezentsev said: "The freight market is currently exposed to the tendencies of decline and recession experienced by the country as it is being affected by the situation in the east of Ukraine. Still, Lemtrans is doing everything to provide the rolling stock to its clients in full and on time. In 2016, Lemtrans strictly followed the strategy to contribute to its long-term growth. We also focused on modernisation of our production capacities to improve the efficiency of the railway car fleet".