In Q1 Lemtrans transported 13.68m tonnes of cargo


In January-February 2015, Lemtrans freight forwarding company transported 13.68 million tonnes of different cargoes. In 2014, the company carried 14.6 million tonnes over the same period.

Coal and iron ore account for the biggest share in the shipment structure — 6.81 million and 4.26 million tonnes respectively. In Q1 2014, the company carried 8.85 million tonnes of coal and 2.13 million tonnes of iron ore. The volumes of ferrous materials dropped by 14.4% to 1.28 million tonnes. In addition, in January-March 2015, the company transported 0.65 million tonnes of flux and 0.43 million tonnes of coke.

Lemtrans CEO Vladimir Mezentsev said:

Today the national economy is going through hard times which have affected the transportation market. Q1 saw a reduction in transportation of coal, flux and coke as a result of the situation in the east of Ukraine. This is natural considering the location of the key production facilities. Still, Lemtrans will keep doing everything it can to provide the rolling stock to its clients on time.


Lemtrans  is Ukraine's biggest private freight  forwarding company that offers the full gamut of rail freight transport services.  The areas of main focus include freight forwarding services in inland and outland transportation market and rolling stock repairs.

Lemtrans is wholly owned by SCM Group.